Saibhang’s Car and Bike GPS Tracker SS01

Nowadays, GPS tracking is in vogue. Because it helps us to be safe and secure. Security is becoming a great concern all the time. Along with human, asset security is also significant. In a country like India, a precious asset like cars and bike are not as secure as in other countries. Thus people prefer to use asset security devices for surveillance and safety purpose. It is also today’s requirement. Thus, by observing the new era, SaibhnagSoftronics introduced a GPS tracking device which has many features other than GPS and location tracking.

What is SS01?

SS01 is basically a GPS enabled tracking device. It can track bike, car, truck or an asset. The real-time location of conveyance or asset can be observed on the mobile or computer. SS01 sends data to the application through the server. It can be really beneficial for delivery services or transportation business.

SS01 Omnitracker

Features of SS01

  1. Input 9-90V
  2. Support both car and bike
  3. Support tracking and playback
  4. Real-time tracking
  5. Special Alarms(Overspeed alarm, Anti-theft alarm, vibration alarm,power-off alarm, geo-fence)
  6. Acceleration status reporting
  7. Immobilize the car(need a relay)
  8. built-in battery
  9. built-in GPS antenna
  10. SMS alert

Input 9-90V: It is a multi-asset tracker. So, it supports a wide range of voltage. 

Car and bike: It can be used to track a car, bike, truck or any asset, you want to track.

Support Tracking and Playback: SS01 provide you to track and playback feature. You can get a 90 days Playback. It is very easy to track through the web or mobile app.

Real-time Tracking: This tracker can provide you the real-time location and tracking.

Special Alarm: This tracking device supports multiple alarms such as vibration alarm, over speed alarm, Power-off alarm etc.

Acceleration status: It always reports about the Acceleration status.
Immobilize the car: This special feature needs a relay in the car. It is a very special feature. With the help of this, your car can become immobilize so that no one can try to heft it.

Built-In battery: It consists of a built-in battery thus it can support the backup in the absence of power.

GPS antenna: It also consists of a GPS antenna which is in-built.
SMS Alert: You can set an SMS alert to your mobile number.


You can view your location or can track the asset in real time with the help of a software interface. It is easy to install. After purchase, you will get a link to install the app through a QR code. It is able to provide you a 90 days playback.

You can observe from the above pictures that location tracking is very accurate and fine.


It is a very special type of security, which you can see in a few products.


The working parameters are discussed below.

In the end, I would like to suggest you if you are concerned about the asset security or want to try a cheap and sustainable GPS tracking device then you can try SS01 for your car, bike or asset. It is easily available on Amazon, where you can purchase it. It is available in different types on Amazon : like OmnitrackerGPSDeviceAssetTracker,WaterproofBusTruckTracker. and you can purchase from our website also.