Product Engineering

Product Engineering

We build identities and experiences to elevate and empower organizations with our alien computing technology

  • Product Concept: Conceptualization of new product. Evaluate market opportunities, select best product idea and define product development strategy

  • Requirement Gathering & Feasibility Study: Gather the requirements of product and define requirement specification of hardware and software. Perform feasibility study to prove the concept

  • System Architecture: Define a complete product system level architecture based on POC. Select the hardware and software development environment

  • Hardware Design & Development: Part Selection, Schematic Design, Layout Design (Component Placement, Board Routing), Fabrication

  • Software Design & Development: Board bring up, firmware and software application design & development

  • ID Design:Designing appealing and user-friendly product aesthetics and UI/UX

  • Product Prototyping: Perform system integration – hardware & software integration. Build the complete system and develop the product prototype

  • Testing & Validation:Thorough testing of each and every module in the system

  • Product Pre-Certification: Perform compliance testing and pre-certification of the product

  • Production Support:Producing/manufacturing the product in high volumes

  • Product Sustenance:Product Maintenance & Support

Our Product Engineering team helps customers transform their vision into successful real-world products. In today’s competitive business environment, the most critical and primary need of any organization is lower time to market and lower cost to market, without compromising quality. Companies are continuously challenged with evolving technologies, innovation cycles, product re-engineering, manufacturing process optimization and design costs. Our product engineering team co-innovates with customers to transform ideas and concepts into a real and viable ‘whole’ product. We evolve the product as per client requirements while ensuring we meet the changing demands of product design and development dictated by consumer choices while meeting critical timelines and budgets.
We believe that the basis for any business relationship is mutual trust. We have adopted the Agile Process in our product engineering model for faster design and development. Transparency with our customer is our key to success.

Our commitment to deliver solutions that work the first time around is manifested by our strong Quality Engineering methodologies. We have put in place a comprehensive system of Quality Engineering processes at every step, from product definition through to product realization.